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~feel my blossoming soul~


Blossom ~*♪The Nagayama Takashi Fan Community♪*~
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Hey Minna! Omattahe!!
Welcome to the first LJ Nagayan (永山 たかし) fan community!
This community is an open membership community so if you love Nagayan you are more than welcome.

community rules
1.) Please do not fill this com. with non-related subjects, ne? (ya know, not related to Nagayan ^_~)
2.) Do not insult, threaten, or harrass other members of this community at any time. Anyone doing so will be banned.
3.) Please do not publish any advertisment, unless it's Nagayama related.
4.) If you want to share icons, wallpapers, etc. please be sure to Friends Only your post. If people want to have what you want to share, they should at least join the community right? :) Anyone who posts an entry without locking it will be asked to do so, and if they still fail to lock it the post will be deleted.
5.) Let us spread the love of Nagayan^^

Nagayama info
Name: Nagayama Takashi
Native Home: Kanagawa Prefecture
Birthday: November 16th, 1978
Blood Type: A
Height: 170cm
Likes: Clothes, sports, baseball, and swimming.
Special Skills: Karate (first level) and calligraphy, playing the bass guitar, writing songs (including Kimeru's "feel my soul", desining clothes.

Why do we love him so ^^ :
- Tennis no Oujisama the Musical (Kikumaru Eiji for second show)
- Remarkable 1st Match Fudomine (Fuji Syuusuke)
- Dream Live 1st (Kikumaru Eiji)
- More Than Limit (Kikumaru Eiji)
- TeniMyu in Winter: Side Fudomine ~Special Match~ (Kikumaru Eiji)
- Rock'N Jam Musical 1 and 2
- Birthday Party 2004 Event

Aside from live events, Nagayama Takashi has also been involved in several Japanese television dramas, including: 1999. Gakkou no kaidan: Haru no tatari special (TV)
1999. Tennen shoujo Man Next: Yokohama yayu-hen (TV)
2000. Another Heaven Eclipse (TV series)

-Blossam -
Nagayama Takashi has his own designer line of clothes and accessories called Blossam. You can find his products at a store in Japan called Gain.

Nagayan websites
Official Website - http://www.geiei.co.jp/profile/nagayamatakasi/nagayama.html
Official BBS - http://www1.rocketbbs.com/616/nagayama.html
Fan Site - http://zaft.cool.ne.jp/
Official Fan Site(Japan), Strawberry Meet - http://www.1go1e1116.com/
Image Gallery, Not only Nagayan - http://www.bad-luck.net/blindgameagain/tennis/teniscans.html
Small Image Gallery - http://www.accela.net/~dankna/himitsu/tsu/
Rhapsody Planet - http://www.h5.dion.ne.jp/~rose1/mov.html
Tenimyu Official Site - http://www.mmv.co.jp/products/flyer/tennis_musical/
Tenimyu Official Fanlisting - http://fiyaa.com/tenimyu/main.php
Fan Listing - http://www.summoner-yuna.net/nagayama/
Boys DVD - http://www.boys-dvd.net/index_pc.html